We don’t need to make space in order to create a cup. That happens by itself, when we create the cup.
— Chögyam Trungpa

When we write poetry, we create space. When we are sparse with words, we can allow this space to happen. This connect us with our soul and the emptiness everthing that is, emerges from.

I work with words that can allow a silence to appear. Poems and poetry. I offer writing workshop (mainly in Norwegian) that helps you find the essence of your own text. Meditations that can help you let go of your mind. Presence in the body and in nature.



SILENCE is the source of life

silence is not about the absence of noice
silence is a speechless experiece behind space and time


in Icelandic, the meaning of of the word «silence» is sound/obey/listen.

I write poems, and I retell the speechless,
nature, the poets Rumi and Lalla are among my favorite sources of inspiration




metaphors, fairytales & religious stories

                    on one level they happen here and NOW, in this moment
in our common consciousness





become the boss over your own thoughts

you are neither your thoughts nor your feelings
your greatest terror is your own storyline
tools can be meditation and writing

I will arrange workshops and publish texts

currently (2018-2020) I eductate myself to meditation teacher - Jack Kornfeild and Tara Brach are my teachers


poetry workshop

to write poems for increased presence
and self-knowledge

I am your writing coach



                   nature lives in us as metaphors

we are nature and nature lives in us like pictures, metaphors and stories,
landscapes and the physical surroundings are created in our consciousness,
from the "empty", if you like