My name is Kristin Ma Ellefsen and I am a poet. I am being educated as a mindfulness teacher (2019-21). Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach are my inspiring teachers. I am also an author, journalist, editor and publisher. Currently I teach as a teacher in primary school.

I have a background as an architect. I have initiated and led several cultural projects in private and public sector. STILLSCAPE (separate tab) is one of these.

In 2011, when I heard Coleman Bark's revelations of Rumi, it touched me deeply. It was the start of my own writing.

Writing is very powerful tool to get in touch with the soul, what it holds, what can sprout and grow. Certainly in combination with meditation and nature experiences.

With my own texts and through various projects, I want to inspire you to open up to the inner silence in yourself. The wordless state of silence is conveyed through poetry, music and visual art through thousands of years.

Being in touch with nature, writing, reading poems and mythological stories is one of my greatest sources of inspiration.

My first poem book, Slowly she claps on the glare, is available during SHOP.




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