I live close to a quiet and beautiful forest in Asker, Norway. Here, on my walks between the patient and wise pines, I get much of my inspiration and can feel a belonging with the Earth. I’m the author of the poetrybook Slowly she strokes the reflection, which is inspired by nature and silence. It can be read as short meditations, click here to read more. I’m a teacher in a primary school, Intermediate Level. Hopefully I make a contribution, so the kids can learn to thrust their own voice and to come in better touch with them selves and their surroundings.

I’ve initiated and lead several projects from my enthusiastic heart within culture, art and ecology: The first one was in Arts Council Norway, where I initiated and lead the pilot project room for art. I used my experiences and network from this, when I initiated STILLSCAPE room of silence. Among English speaking performers on The festival of Silence 2011, were the famous Rumi- translator Coleman Barks and poet Lisa Starr (USA) and the outstanding storyteller Dr. Martin Shaw (UK).

When I moved to Heggedal in 2013, I initiated and led the ecological cultivating project Saw a seed – for a sustainable future, with financial support from Asker Municipality. For a period of time, I was the editor for the magazine HERBA, which covers different topics on farming, nutrition, culture and nature.

For the time being, I’m being educated as a mindfulness teacher, under the skilled management of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield (USA). My wish is to use the education to lead nature mediation retreats in the wild, optionally in combination with writing, which also is a great tool to get in touch with the soul.

Besides writing, meditation, teaching and leading projects like STILLSCAPE – are mythological stories and metaphors among my passions. I plan to show some of what I carry inside in the form of books one day.




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Participating as representant for SAW A SEED during the Festival of Apple 2014.

Participating as representant for SAW A SEED during the Festival of Apple 2014.

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